Innovaite - A Leading AI and ML Consulting

Develop and deploy AI/ML strategy & solutions across your organization

We work with corporate boards and enterprises in building your AI strategies, and execute on the AI implementation.


• We work with executives and business unit leaders to explore how AI can strategically transform your business.

• We leverage AI frameworks to evaluate how best to apply AI for maximum impact.

• We provide insights into effective methodologies for deploying AI-based solutions customized to your specific needs and proprietary data.


• Our curriculum is designed to inform and educate both non-technical and technical teams about AI. 

• Starting with basic principles and terminology, we progress through a series of interactive sessions tailored for your organization.

• Citing interesting examples of practical applications of AI to the modern workforce, we also discuss the role of humans in this process – now and in the future.

• We provide technical training for your development teams on building AI models.


• In partnership with your internal project managers and stakeholders, we help plan and execute AI/ML projects from end-to-end.

• Our experienced team of consultants, developers, and data scientists are available to advise your staff, or directly implement your project.

• We assist with vendor selection, model training, data access, and custom application development and deployment.


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