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Our training courses fast track your teams to upgrade your organization to thoughtfully incorporate AI.

AI Classes and Workshops

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape is evolving quickly. Today, adoption around AI is limited in most organizations, and leaders are pressed to think strategically on how AI will impact their businesses. Innovaite offers workshops and classes that will help both executives and practitioners in navigating this new landscape.

Training for Executives and Managers

Many CEOs are asked by their boards on how they’re going to leverage AI to grow their businesses. IT leaders, already overwhelmed with the rapid changes in technology, now have to grow their understanding in a new complex area.

The Innovaite Executive Training on AI course equips executives and managers the overall perspective of how AI works, the common use cases for application, how to champion AI within their organization, and an overview of the rapidly evolving landscape of AI companies and tools.

Technical Training for Developers

The Innovaite Technical Training track teaches the fundamentals of data science, the best practices in building an AI practice and gets hands-on with technical workshops in creating AI models to solve problems. Our approach gets to the heart of how to think critically on defining the problem, and leverages.

We cover the fundamentals of building models on Tensorflow and PyTorch.

Training Formats

We offer various formats that are tailored to the audience.  Courses are offered in both in-person and online formats:

• 1 – ½ day long format of 4 hours in length

• 2 – ½ day long format of 4 hours in length each day

• 1 day long sessions of 8 hours in length

• 2 day long sessions of 8 hours in length each day

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